Streamlining Operations and Improving Estimates: Chesters Electrical's Success Story with Electrika Estimating Tools

28 September 2023
Case Study

Chesters Electrical is a well-established electrical contractor based in Anlaby, Hull. Founded in 1946, the company has a long history of serving commercial and domestic clients in and around Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. The company has under 10 employees and specialises in providing services for landlords and social housing.


Like many other contractors, Chesters Electrical faced the challenge of creating estimates on paper, which was time-consuming and prone to mistakes. They then switched to a different estimating package, but it was over-complicated and expensive. To improve their operations and reduce errors, Chesters Electrical began using Electrika for their electrical contracting business.


Since implementing Electrika, Chesters Electrical has seen numerous benefits. First, the software helped Chesters Electrical to reduce the time it takes to create estimates, as it was easier to use than the previous software and allowed for easy updates and alterations. Second, the software helped Chesters Electrical to increase the accuracy of their estimates, as it allowed for easy markups and provided a clear overview of all costs. Third, using the software had a positive impact on Chesters Electrical's bottom line, as it allowed them to see their margin and pricing in black and white, and helped them to remain profitable.


In a specific project, that cost £40K last year which changed a lot during the tender period, Electrika helped Chesters Electrical to save time and money by allowing for easy updates and price changes, as well as by allowing them to easily check supplier invoicing and pick up when suppliers charged more than quoted.


Chesters Electrical finds the feature of being able to show the catalogue page on the screen to be the most helpful for their estimating process. They use Electrika frequently in their estimating process and for checking supplier invoicing. Electrika has helped Chesters Electrical to win more projects and improve their bid competitiveness by allowing them to use the best price available and build up quotes that are as competitive as possible while still maintaining the required margin.


Lee Dunlin, the business owner of Chesters Electrical, has been using Electrikas estimating tools for "years and years" and has seen a significant improvement in the efficiency and accuracy of their estimates. He stated: "We used to do it on paper, which was very long-winded and prone to mistakes, but since switching to Electrika, we've never looked back. The software is easy to use, and it allows us to create accurate and professional estimates in a fraction of the time it used to take."


In conclusion, Electrikas estimating tools have proven to be a valuable asset for Chesters Electrical. The software has helped them to streamline their estimating process, increase the accuracy of their estimates, and improve their bottom line. The ability to easily update and alter estimates, check supplier invoicing, and see their margin and pricing in black and white have all been instrumental in helping the company to remain competitive and win more projects. Chesters Electrical highly recommends Electrika estimating tools to other electrical contractors looking to improve their estimating process and business operations.